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About Me

Ulli Ehlers

Since my graduation in goldsmithery as best in the state back in 1985, I craft extravagant gold and silver jewellery.

The quality of my work and the satisfaction of my customers are most important to me. Therefore I produce every piece of jewellery personally in my own goldsmith workshop. Beside the shop offers consisting of more than 1000 different pieces, the main focus of my work is on the manufacturing of custom pieces. Of course small batches of jewellery are possible as well. A simple sketch will suffice as the template for the future piece of jewellery. After a short customer pitch I transform the idea on the computer to a 3D model. It allows to show the customer photo-realistic pictures how the piece will look once finished.

The next step is the preparation of the actual model. According to good old goldsmithery tradition, it will be directly crafted in gold or silver or shaped by hand from wax. More detailed pieces are completely drafted with the help of a computer program and afterwards mechanically milled or formed in wax. Afterwards the wax-model will be cleaned and polished. If required the model can as well be cast in silicon or caoutchouc for a serial production.

The customer may choose from the following materials: sterling silver (925), yellow gold (8, 14, 18 carat) or palladium white gold (14, 18 carat). Other gold variants are possible as well by request. As base metal alloys the customer may choose between brass and bronze. For larger quantities, I am also offering tin and tin-casts.

Any amendments or repair on one of my products will be taken care of immediately.