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Mighty huge!

THE ROCK belt buckle.

Not made of sterling silver or gold, as is usually the case, but made of die-cast zinc.

You don't need to think twice about the price.

So grab it before the first edition of only 60 pieces is sold out.

You can choose between four different metal colors:

Silver - Antique Silver - Black Silver - Gold

Please note:

The galvanic coating of the belt buckles is thin. Depending on the use, after

after a certain time the grayish, silvery base material is visible in some places


Of course, I can also use this piece of jewelery from Buckle in all of them

Manufacture gold alloys; Prices and delivery times are only available on request.


Weight zinc die-cast: 220.0 g - size: 90.0 mm

Material: Zinc - SILVER look - 39.00 €