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A storm is breaking out!

Solid anchor chain bracelet made of sterling silver with SKULL-JEWELS "branding".

Almost 18 mm wide and available in three lengths.

All chain links are hand-soldered.

Two laterally slotted end links serve as a closure.

Super ingenious and easy to use. No more trouble with broken carabiners.

If you like it a little slimmer, see article 2417 or a little stronger, see article 2419.

Of course, I can also manufacture this piece of jewelry in all gold alloys

Price on request.

Length: 210.0 mm - 110.0 g

Length: 245.0 mm - 125.0 g

Length: 280.0 mm - 140.0 g

Length: 210mm - 925 sterling silver - €600.00